Good Deeds That Drive Business – Part 2

Should you really ‘give’ to charities?

As an entrepreneur, you are passionate about your businesses. And, if you’re like most business owners/managers, your enthusiasm spills over to community organizations and causes – whether they are local or International, social or environmental.


But, how do you truly harness your commitment and apply resources in a way that makes you feel rewarded as well as gives you some meaningful business payback?


In show #63 – Good Deeds that Drive Business – our special guest, Shanan Spencer-Brown, Kinark Foundation’s Executive Director ( provides some rare advice so that owners of small and medium-sized firms, just like you, can achieve real benefits such as the following – without having to break the bank:

  • Increased community profile
  • Branding yourself a ‘good corporate citizen’
  • Making yourself more attractive to potential employees
  • Boosting your employees’ morale
  • Exposure to new networking opportunities

Listen and enjoy!


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