Good Deeds That Drive Business – Part 3 – Resource Round-Up

When Robert and I decided to devote an episode of the BusinessCast podcast (# 63- Good Deeds that Drive Business) to helping entrepreneurs determine how best to apply their passion towards community initiatives that deliver a measurable return-on-investment, we hadn’t anticipated the tremendous interest it would generate.

We knew that there was demand for such advice. But, we were surprised when our research revealed that there were few resources available for small- and medium-sized business entrepreneurs that were effective and truly impartial.


Because we always aim to provide practical and relevant tools – rather than referencing consultants who have agendas beyond helping entrepreneurs succeed – we have pulled together a short but focused list of resources to help you initiate and optimize your efforts:


1. Listen to the BusinessCast podcast # 63 – Good Deeds that Drive Business.


2. Plan out a rough budget of the amount you are prepared to invest, your desired expectations and requirements. 


3. Develop a plan of action. 


4. Research charities that may make sense for you – visit


5. Work with your chosen cause, charity or community organization to agree on measurable goals and how they will be confirmed.


6. Look to adapt relevant marketing ideas:


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