Gadgets That Help the Bottom Line – Part 2 – Preview

Well we got through our first podcast dedicated specifically to gadgets without out too many cries of extreme gadget-envy.

One thing is for sure: if you are drawn by the allure and promise of gadgets, you do need to apply a particular discipline to make sure that they help you achieve your business goals!


Topics that we covered in podcast #65 – Gadgets That Help the Bottom Line – include:

  • Evaluating the need for gadgets
  • Evaluating the technology/gadgets themselves
  • Evaluating when you should purchase gadgets
  • Evaluating the costs of the gadgets
  • Evaluating the risks of purchasing gadgets

We also identify a slew of useful (and fun) gadget/technology resources that you’ll want to visit frequently and bookmark.


Keep in-mind that the show will be posted tomorrow. But, let us know anytime how you use gadgets to help your business succeed.


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