Gadgets That Help the Bottom Line – Part 3 – Resource Round-Up


Listen to BusinessCast #65 – Gadgets That Help the Bottom Line – and you’ll probably conclude that we are in deed geekier than you thought. The good news: we have identified a number of useful sources that will save you time and either bring out, or hone, your passion for gadgets.


Of course, we also outline some issues that you should consider prior to purchasing any business gadget/technology.


The online sources we turn to evaluate technologies – before investing in them – include the following: These include:

Some of the business efficiency gadgets we discussed heatedly in the show – while not always agreeing on their immediate utility, included:

Ultra Mobile PCs such as Asus EEC, Acer Aspire and HP 2133.


Voice Recognition: Dragon Naturally Speaking


Handwriting Gadgets/Software including:, and


Let us know which of these (or other gadgets and/or resources) help your bottom line.


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