The Perfect Pitch – Part 2 – The Warm Up


“After you’ve developed ‘the perfect pitch’ – how do you know that it really works?” This is one of the many questions that we received from BusinessCast listeners of show #61 (The Perfect Pitch) and show #62 (Talk Yourself Into Business).


So, here are a handful of practical tips that any entrepreneur can apply to address the challenge of developing a pitch that works effectively:


1) Record yourself in audio format. Ask a friend or colleague to listen to how clearly you enunciate your words as well as for your pacing and how natural it sounds.


2) Record yourself in video format. This is particularly powerful because your body language plays such an important role in conveying your key messages. Review it and watch for facial gestures or body movement that may distract, rather than reinforce, the message you are trying to get across.


3) Because your company relies on your team, encourage each member to prepare a pitch using the structure outlined in show #61. This isn’t about who can out-do whom. It’s about developing the pitch that works best. Watch for consistency of key messages without trying to enforce a ‘script’. Keep in-mind, that if the pitch doesn’t feel or sound right, it’s not the perfect pitch!


4) Test in low risk venues (e.g. informal family or friend get-togethers). Ask for feedback: Are you clear? Are you compelling? Are you succinct?


Remember: A perfect pitch doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and patience. But, the payback is always worth it – to the top line and the bottom line.


Have you submitted a perfect pitch for the BusinessCast podcast? Remember, listen to show # 61 (The Perfect Pitch) and send in a pitch. You could very well Win a Prize!


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