The Perfect Pitch – Part 3 – Winding Down

Congratulations! You’ve done it! Your new elevator pitch (show #61) coupled with your conversation starters (show #62) have enabled you to begin, join and maintain effective/enjoyable discussions – with new prospects and current clients – in a variety of business and social settings.

But, wait a minute! You need to move on to another meeting or commitment. How are you going to get out of your current conversation without being perceived as rude or awkward? After all, you don’t want to discount all the hard work you’ve done to get this far. Furthermore, you don’t want to damage the relationships that you’ve just begun.


How to end a conversation properly” is rarely discussed. And, yet it’s a skill that you need to have and hone in order to really achieve the pay-off associated with establishing conversations in the first place.


Here are a few useful resources that will save you time and embarrassment as well as ensure every conversation ends up working for you:

Have you submitted an elevator pitch for the BusinessCast podcast? Remember, listen to show # 61 (The Perfect Pitch) and send us a pitch. You could very well Win a Prize!


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