Building Your Public Profile — Heads-Up!


For many entrepreneurs – across industries and regardless of years of experience and type of business – Public Relations remains a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma!


While there is both an art and a science to cost-effective PR, entrepreneurs can do several things to enhance their public profile without needing to make huge investments.


So, here’s a heads-up: This coming weekend, Robert and I are going to tackle one of the fundamental tools of PR. Specifically, we’re going to take on the “media kit” head-on!


That means, we’ll be providing practical and actionable advice to answer entrepreneurs’ most commonly asked questions, including:

  • Do we really need a media kit?
  • What should we have in place before developing a media kit?
  • What goes in our media kit?
  • What should stay out of our media kit?
  • How do we know our media kit is really working?
  • What other tools support our media kit?
  • Should our media kit be online or offline?
  • Who should write and/or contribute to our media kit?
  • How are we going to distribute our media kit?
  • What does having a media kit say about our business?
  • When should we update our media kit?

After listening to the show, you’ll know if, when and how a media kit can help your business. Stay tuned – the show will be posted soon!


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