Building Your Public Profile – Part 1 – A Media Kit That Works

Do you want press coverage? Do you need it? Do you know how to get it?….Slow down for a minute!!

Let’s put some things in place first so that when you are contacted by members of the media, you will get the most out of the coverage.

One of the very first steps – and one that can be easily forgotten – is preparing a media kit.

In show #67 – Building Your Public Profile, Robert and I present our first in a series of “Business Appetizers”. These rapid-fire podcasts give you a quick taste for a key topic, issue or challenge. The goals of these appetizers: Save you time, money and effort by providing you with enough practical know-how that your hunger for growth doesn’t cause you to rush into swallowing some advice or products that leave you with a sense of indigestion.

So, in show #67 – Building Your Public Profile we help you address when, why, and how to pull together a cost-effective media  kit – which is an essential piece of any effective profile-building initiative.

Bon Apetite!

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