Is Business Theft on the Rise?

When Robert and I raised the issue of How to Steal Your Next Customer BusinessCast podcast episode # 49 and show # 50 – we raised some eyebrows. But, the reality is that when you’re running a business, your customers are often ‘up for grabs’.

Well, we were so intrigued by the responses that these two podcast episodes generated, we’ve been conducting some research into how entrepreneurs are actively ‘stealing their next customers’.

The final stage of that research is for entrepreneurs like you to take the poll here on the BusinessCast podcast blog (see below).  We’ll crunch all the numbers and let you know the final results (in a few days).

So, here’s the business context: Do you let customer attrition or competitors poaching your customers bring your business down? Or, do you do something about it proactively?

Specifically, we want to know if you are actively pursuing specific customers (or customer segments) that you believe are being under-serviced by your competitors — thereby stealing them from your competitors:

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