Email Marketing for Entrepreneurs: Focus on the Content

Email. Regardless of the business you’re in, it is a critical means of communicating – and, it remains one of the most consistently effective marketing tools around — if done properly.

Marketing Sherpa, a research house that delves into many common marketing tools, recently conducted a study about SPAM and email. And, as an entrepreneur, you need to apply one of the study’s key lessons if you want to get the most ‘bang’ out of your email marketing buck:

Recipients of your email will define your message negatively as SPAM based on the content of the email more so than on the fact that you are sending it.

That means: You cannot assume that your email will be automatically welcomed, opened, valued or acted upon just because it came from you. As a result, you have to work extra hard at making sure that every email you send achieves a consistently high level of quality. For most entrepreneurs, that means making sure that the email is personalized, has targeted content and that it arrives when the content matters most to the recipients.

Quick Reminderr: In the next few weeks, we’re going to have Matthew Vernhout (email guru from back in the BusinessCast bagel shop to walk through what’s involved in building an effective email marketing campaign from the ground up!

So, if you’re planning an email marketing campaign, looking to hone your existing campaign or if you’ve been looking for an excuse to launch your first campaign, send us your questions. We’ll answer them in this very hands-on practical session. Also, make sure you also listen to the BusinessCast Podcast #57 – Email Marketing for Entrepreneurs when we first interviewed Matthew.

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2 Responses

  1. Absolutely correct. People don’t care about you and your emails, unless you have previously proved that you are providing them with valuable information. You need to build a relationship.

  2. very much agreed – i think the short snippets of valuable info is the way to go, also simple info graphics add quickly digested value content too.

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