By the Numbers: Part 1

Every business entrepreneur needs to deal with numbers…and needs to deal with numbers effectively. But, the truth is that entrepreneurs often prefer to spend their time tackling the ‘big picture’ stuff – i.e. building business alliances, creating new innovations, visioning and inspiring other entrepreneurs. So, number-focused decisions are often delayed, ignored or under emphasized. But, of course, they never go away.

That’s why, in the BusinessCast Podcast, episode Business Success By the Numbers, Robert and I touch upon entrepreneurs’ three most commonly asked ‘numbers’ questions. These questions apply to all businesses regardless of size, age, industry, service/product offering or stage of growth. All entrepreneurs ask the following:

1) Do I buy or lease a car?

2) Do I invest any available cash in my (home) mortgage or in an RRSP (IRA)?

3) Who do I sell my business to? (FYI, we’ll be delving much deeper into this issue in an upcoming BusinessCast Podcast.)

BusinessCast Podcast, Business Success By the Numbers will be posted later this weekend. BTW, if you have a ‘numbers’ question, let us know. We’ll address it in an upcoming show.

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