By the Numbers: Part 2

Well, we did it – we started tackling some of entrepreneurs’ key ‘numbers’ questions and concerns. Why? Because, every business owner/manager has to contend with numbers…even if it is not their particular strength.

Listen to BusinessCast Podcast #69 – Business Success By the Numbers – to get straight-forward answers to these common numbers-focused questions:

  1. Should you buy or lease your car?
  2. Should you invest available cash in your mortgage or an RRSP (IRA)?
  3. Who should you sell your business to? 

Also, find below some focused resources to help you work through these questions and get you more comfortable dealing with financial issues critical to your business –

A Lease or Buy Your Car Calculator

A Contribute to Your Mortgage or RRSP Calculator

A Book Introducing Finances for Non-Financial Managers

A Video on Finances for Business Leaders (Note: The video providers will prompt you to register before you will be able to view this video.)

BTW, if you have a ‘numbers’ question, let us know. We’ll address it in an upcoming show.

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2 Responses

  1. There’s another RRSP consideration that I didn’t raise on the show.

    Aa number of taxpayers make the maximum RRSP contributions and then apply their tax refund to their mortgage.

    That’s good too! One of the calculators above works with that approach.


  2. […] Answers to entrepreneur’s most common financial questions […]

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