Fire Your Clients…Before You Get Burned

It takes considerable time, effort and resource to land a client — regardless of your product or service offering. So, you’d never think of dumping a client/customer – or would you? Or more importantly, should you? There are some very real reasons that you need to fire some clients – the sooner the better.

But, when should you fire a client? How do you do it without gaining a reputation for being difficult? And, how do you know that you’ve made the right choice?

Robert and I tackle these thorny issues in the BusinessCast Podcast #45 – Firing a Client Before You Get Burned. This episode will provide you with some practical steps so that you can feel confident when you are put in that difficult position of needing to sever the relationship with a customer/client who, while they may be paying your fees, is actually doing your business more harm than good.

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One Response

  1. Great note on a tough topic.

    Here is a great example of this in the wild – Banned from Royal Caribbean for complaining too much:

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