Is Creating a Strong Customer Experience Part of Your Job?

Customer Experience. It is one of the most critical components of your brand and it makes or breaks your business.

So, its inspiring to Robert and me when organizations – of any size, in any industry – find successful ways of ensuring that their customers have consistently, strong and positive experiences. Especially when that means establishing a strong first impression.       

Forrester Research is now making public a recent report that highlights how firms are creating specific positions like Chief Customer Officer and SVP of Customer Experience .

In fact, Forrester interviewed executives from a variety of companies that currently have these types of positions. Their insights fell into five categories:

  1. Make sure that you’ve got the right environment;
  2. Prepare to take on a broad change agenda;
  3. Establish a strong operating structure;
  4. Kick off high-priority activities; and
  5. Look ahead to the future.

Download your copy of the report.

Of course, there are risks of creating such titles and responsibilities as well — such as establishing and maintaining some very challenging expectations.

Let us know if you think that such job positions would work in your company and why.

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