Tell Me Another…The Power of Story-Telling

Every entrepreneur instinctively understands the power of good stories.

In fact, chances are you’ve been inspired by a compelling story. Furthermore, the fact that you’re succeeding as an entrepreneur demonstrates that you, or one of your team, have some ability to tell stories.

The truth is that a good story can inspire your staff or capture the imaginations of prospects and customers. Well-told stories shape how people think about you and your brand. And, stories — when originating from the right source — told at the right time and to the right audience, can spur dramatic action.

Here are a few resources to help you hone your story-telling skills:

1. Podcast Episode: How to tell the story about you — one-on-one — to prospects and other likely audiences

2. Podcast Episode: How to tell stories regardless of the venue or number of audience members

3. PDF: Examples of Strong business stories

4. Book: The Leader’s Guide to Story Telling

In a few weeks, Robert and I will devote a special BusinessCast podcast episode on ways to help you become a more effective story teller.

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