Mobile Marketing for Entrepreneurs: Part 1

Mobile marketing – it’s more than those ‘short codes’ you punch in your phone to vote for your favourite Canadian Idol. Mobile search, mobile advertising, mobile payment, mobile browsing….well, you get the point.

In fact, if you have any of the newest generations of ‘smart phones’, you have in the palm of your hand a communications/business tool that will very soon dramatically change the way you market to your customers.

But how do you take full advantage of this mobile technology and all of the new marketing opportunities that it creates? To get a handle on the current/upcoming opportunities, take two simple steps:

1) Review Mobile Marketing – Part 1 – a blog post that includes a handful of very focused resources to get you comfortable with mobile marketing fundamentals;


2) Listen to the BusinessCast Podcast Episode #75 – Don’t Hang Up: Mobile Marketing for Entrepreneurs.

Our very special podcast guest is Michael Younder — one of the senior product marketers at Research In Motion (R.I.M.) — home of the ubiquitous Blackberry!

Michael shares entertaining stories, insights and trends about mobile marketing, product development and branding. At the same time, Michael — along with Robert and I — highlight those lessons relevant for every business entrepreneur.

Remember: Subscribe to the BusinessCast Podcast at iTunes

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