Networking for Entrepreneurs – Part 1

Every entrepreneur recognizes that networking is essential to succeed. It’s the most effective marketing tool for building new business relationships and growing new revenues. However, the truth is that even the prospect of networking causes many entrepreneurs to cringe. But, that’s not because it is not seen as valuable. Rather, its because, mastering the art of networking remains an uncomfortable, and often unaddressed, mystery.

No need to worry. In BusinessCast Podcast episode #92, Networking for Entrepreneurs, Robert and I bring you a resource that is guaranteed to make you a better networker…regardless of your current networking skills.

We interview one of the World’s leading networking “gurus” — Liz Lynch, author of Smart Networking: Attract a Following In Person and Online. Without a doubt, this practical and easy-to-read book is destined to become the networking Bible. And, because Liz is so candid, realistic and knowledgeable, she (and her book) truly inspire!

Later this week, in the blogpost entitled, Networking for Entrepreneurs – Part 2, we build on our conversation by doing a book review/summary of Liz’s book to give you a real flavour of how this resource is a “must-have” for any entrepreneur.

Finally, Liz has so much insight to bring to help entrepreneurs become more effective networkers, we’re going to have her back as a BusinessCast guest in a few weeks. At that time, we’ll play out the most common networking scenarios so that you can see how you will achieve the best results in similar situations.

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