About the BusinessCast

BusinessCast Podcast

The BusinessCast is an iTunes-featured podcast developed to help entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses – across all industries – address their strategic and day-to-day business issues.

BusinessCast Podcast Hosts

The BusinessCast podcast is created and produced by: 1) Robert Gold the Managing Partner of Toronto-based Bennett Gold LLP, Chartered Accountants http://www.BennettGold.ca; and 2) President of the business communications consulting firm, Write On The Money, Andrew Brown –http://www.WriteOnTheMoney.com.

The hosts are also authors of over 100 articles tackling entrepreneur challenges – appearing in online/offline publications such RoyalBank.ca, Marketing Magazine, DotCommerce and HR Reporter. Most recently, Robert Gold and Andrew Brown have co-authored a handbook for entrepreneurs entitled, Your Business Success Stories.

Contact the hosts by email at: Robert@BusinessCast.ca (Robert Gold) and Andrew@BusinessCast.ca (Andrew Brown).

BusinessCast Podcast Format

Unlike most other traditional script-driven business podcasts, the BusinessCast is largely spontaneous and improvisational. As a result, the tone ranges widely from serious to humorous – often peppered with a touch of good-natured sarcasm. All topics explored draw upon real-life business situations and best practices. Throughout, the podcast is practical, conversational and highly entertaining.

BusinessCast Podcast Topics

Topics explored on the BusinessCast podcast cover all aspects of business entrepreneurship, including: Marketing, Sales, Operations, Human Resources and Finance.

Some of the more popular topics explored to-date include the following:

  • How to prepare for those times when good employees leave
  • How to speak comfortably and confidently in any setting
  • How to take advantage of mobile marketing
  • How to recession-proof your business
  • How to improve cash flow
  • How to manage business risks
  • How to give corporate gifts effectively
  • How to make the right financial decisions
  • How to build customer incentives
  • How to overcome common sales objections
  • How to determine if and when to ‘green’ your business
  • How to brand your company in a distinctive and meaningful way
  • How (and when) to fire a client
  • How to create an elevator pitch that lands business
  • How to leverage LinkedIn for achieving your business goals
  • How to develop an effective employee orientation program

BusinessCast Podcast High Energy

One of the things that makes the BusinessCast Podcast unique is its high energy. And, one of the factors contributing to that high level of energy is the recording location of the podcast. The hosts travel throughout Toronto and conduct interviews and reflect on critical business issues from bagel restaurants located throughout the Greater Toronto Area. The real-life sounds from the bagel restaurants provide a lively and unpredictable backdrop that adds to the hosts’ enthusiasm.

BusinessCast Podcast Guests

Every two or three podcasts, business entrepreneurs join hosts Robert Gold and Andrew Brown to share their business stories – exploring the joys and pains of running their own ventures. Business entrepreneurs profiled span every industry, come from urban and rural centres and have varied years of experience. Recent guests have included:

BusinessCast Podcast Loyal and Growing Following

The BusinessCast Podcast receives upwards of 30,000 to 50,000 unique downloads per month. The show is so popular that fans have established and maintained a BusinessCast FaceBook page http://fb.BusinessCast.ca.

BusinessCast Podcast Theme Music

The show’s opening and closing themes were written exclusively for the podcast by Geoff Smith (http://thegeoffsmith.com).


Always a technology early adopter, the BusinessCast was created by entrepreneur Robert Gold in February of 2007. Robert has been the Managing Partner of Bennett Gold LLP, Chartered Accountants for over 15 years.

Contacting the BusinessCast Podcast Hosts

The hosts receive regular correspondence from fans every week. They are committed to reading and responding to each and every email comment. The BusinessCast podcast hosts can be contacted at the following email addresses: Robert@BusinessCast.ca (Robert Gold) and Andrew@BusinessCast.ca (Andrew Brown).

BusinessCast Podcast Sponsorships

The BusinessCast podcast is approached regularly by businesses looking to advertise their products/services. Because the hosts are committed to the listeners and providing practical content, they have a very strict set of criteria for evaluating potential business partners, sponsors and advertisers. Please contact the hosts for details after reviewing the media/sponsor kit.

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  1. You guys rock and roll. Timeless and terrific, I am a big fan!

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