Entrepreneurs Secure Funding: The Definitive “How To” Guide

Entrepreneurs just like you are always looking for money — to make investments in new technology, new processes, new people or new markets. But, can you easily navigate the world of finance to secure the funds when you need it the most?

The truth is that few entrepreneurs find much success at exploring and securing new funding. The result: many business owner/managers miss out on chances to capitalize on growth opportunities.

Fortunately, for all entrepreneurs — across industries and at all stages of growth — there is an exciting new resource that truly helps business owners/managers effectively tap into sources of funding. That source is the very reader-friendly and focused book entitled, “Money Magnet: How to Attract Investors to Your Business”.

This book serves as an effective starting point and as a one-stop source that gives practical tips, candid advice and useful tools on how, when and why to find and secure investors.

Starting on September 13th, you can listen to our BusinessCast Podcast interview with the book’s author and Nationally-renowned advisor, Jacoline Lowen of Lowen & Partners Inc.

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