Email Marketing for Entrepreneurs

When Robert and I had Matthew Vernhout from Email Karma ( on the BusinessCast, we tackled the very “hot” topic of Email Marketing for Entrepreneurs.

We wanted to better understand how email can help entrepreneurs establish and build strong business relationships online.

With Matt’s help, we unearthed some of the key issues and misperceptions about email and email marketing. Moreover, we got a handle on just how complex effective email marketing can be along with plenty of practical tips and advice from an email marketing guru.

So, here are a handful of some critical lessons in a Q&A format:

Q: Why should an entrepreneur consider/use email as part of their marketing efforts?

A: Email, when developed and delivered responsibly, is: 

  • Efficient (i.e. it can deliver marketing results)
  • Cost-effective
  • Immediate
  • Measurable
  • Easy to use

Q: What are some of the critical issues that entrepreneurs should be aware of so that they can hone their email marketing efforts?

A: Entrepreneurs need to address ways of:

  • Ensuring email actually lands in the intended email box
  • Building and sustaining a database of people who look forward to receiving email
  • Setting and maintaining a deployment schedule that provides the best results
  • Periodically testing elements of email to achieve the best results

Q: What are some of the greatest misperceptions about email marketing that can potentially damage an entrepreneur’s relationship building efforts?

A: Just because you send out email, you can not assume that your email:

  • Always gets delivered to the email boxes you are targeting
  • Always arrives when you need it to arrive
  • Recipients see the email the way you designed it
  • Recipients will always actively engage with your email

Matthew strongly recommends using the services of responsible email marketing services – which allow you to delegate the tasks of developing and delivering email to companies that can do it most cost-effectively. Find a list of email marketing services (organized by county) at a useful resource developed by the email marketer’s club.

In the next few weeks, we’re going to have Matt back in the BusinessCast bagel shop and we’re going to run through a very practical ‘soup to nuts’ scenario – whereby we cover the main points of an effective campaign in case-study format. So, if you’re planning an email marketing campaign, looking to hone your existing campaign or if you’ve been looking for an excuse to launch your first campaign, let us know. We could use your campaign as the focus for our discussion. Make sure you also listen to the show, Email Marketing for Entrepreneurs.

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Get New Employees Up and Running – Part 1


You’re always perfecting the processes for getting your newly acquired customers comfortable. It’s one of your keys to success. And, its an area you would never think about neglecting.


But, what about doing the same thing for an audience that is just as important as your customers – probably even more important – your employees!


A good employee orientation is so much more than just making sure that key forms are filled out or that new employees know where to find the nearest Tim Hortons. The truth of the matter is that if you have a well-developed employee orientation you are going to have much better employee retention. And, all entrepreneurs know the importance of retaining good employees.


In BusinessCast podcast #59 – Get New Employees Up and Running – we provide answers for questions that entrepreneurs are always struggling with, including:

  • How important is a good employee orientation?
  • What should a good employee orientation look like?
  • What are the key components of an effective employee orientation program?
  • Who should design, participate, lead and measure your employee orientation program?
  • When does orientation truly begin?
  • How do you know that your employee orientation is successful?
  • How can you/when should you review and improve your employee orientation?

If you’ve ever wondered about how best to orient your new employees, now’s the time to get a quick primer: Listen to BusinessCast podcast #59 and you will truly Get New Employees Up and Running.


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