Cold Calling: A Warm-Up for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are, as a general rule, social, enthusiastic and assertive. And yet, there is something about the prospect of¬†making “cold calls” that brings out the “shy” in many entrepreneurs.

So, in BusinessCast Podcase episode #79 (available here on Sunday October 19th), you can put your mind at ease because Robert and I begin tackling this business-development tool by examing the do’s/don’ts and should/shouldn’ts of how to get the most out of cold calling.

Of course, we also touch on the newest cold call related challenge to surface since the hold button: the Do Not Call Registry.

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting and hosting some related materials so that by the end of this calendar year, you’ll have everything you need to determine if, when and how to hone your cold call.

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