Get Good Employees…For Keeps!

Just a few weeks ago, Robert and I posed a question to our BusinessCast blog readers and BusinessCast Podcast listeners. We asked: “How often do you update your employee orientation program?”

We were surprised to find that despite the time involved in finding good employees, the cost of losing good employees and the importance that employees contribute to every entrepreneur’s success, the answer was “less than once a year” – over 95% of the time!

So, in our BusinessCast Podcast, Get New Employees Up and Running we answered a host of practical questions, including:

  • How important is a good employee orientation?
  • What should a good employee orientation look like?
  • What are the key components of an effective employee orientation program?
  • Who should design, participate, lead and measure your employee orientation program?
  • When does orientation truly begin?
  • How do you know that your employee orientation is successful?
  • How can you/when should you review and improve your employee orientation?
  • Well, if you’re still wondering how much effort you should put into ‘on-boarding‘ you new employees, the researchers Booz Allen Hamilton have some sobering findings – that should intrigue, inspire and incite you to action, now.

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