Re-Wind: The Recession Sessions

When Robert and I began our successful Podcast partnership, we promised ourselves, and you our listeners, that we would provide practical advice for entrepreneurs — recognizing that this often meant tackling unpopular, contentious or difficult subjects.

That’s why, 10 months ago, long before the current upheaval in the financial markets, Robert and I started dealing head-on with the recession. Our position was painfully practical: Entrepreneurs can emerge from the economic downturn only by acknowledging, addressing and planning for a recession rather than hoping it will never happen.

So, here we are ten months later and we’re in a global recession. If you haven’t yet heard them, give a listen to some of the BusinessCast episodes that were designed specifically to help you, the entrepreneur, successfully navigate through the recession storm – no matter how fierce it turns out to be:

#42  The Recession Session Part 1 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

#43  The Recession Session Part 2 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

#44  How To Achieve Business Success – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

#45  OMG Wow Client Service – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

#46  Firing A Client Before You Get Burned – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

#49  Steal Your Next Customer! – with Gold ‘n’ Brown – and Guest Alex Allan of Alex Allan Integrated (

Fire Your Clients…Before You Get Burned

It takes considerable time, effort and resource to land a client — regardless of your product or service offering. So, you’d never think of dumping a client/customer – or would you? Or more importantly, should you? There are some very real reasons that you need to fire some clients – the sooner the better.

But, when should you fire a client? How do you do it without gaining a reputation for being difficult? And, how do you know that you’ve made the right choice?

Robert and I tackle these thorny issues in the BusinessCast Podcast #45 – Firing a Client Before You Get Burned. This episode will provide you with some practical steps so that you can feel confident when you are put in that difficult position of needing to sever the relationship with a customer/client who, while they may be paying your fees, is actually doing your business more harm than good.

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