The “Entrepreneur and the Netbook”: The Checklist Episode

Netbooks are all the rage. But, are they right for entrepreneurs? And, are they right for entrepreneurs, now? They certainly can be when entrepreneurs apply a disciplined approach when searching, evaluating and comparing this leading-edge type of business tool.

In BusinessCast Podcast 109a – “The Entrepreneur and the Netbook”, we go through the key criteria that all entrepreneurs should use when considering a netbook as well as identify a handful of key free resources.

After listening to BusinessCast Podcast 109a – “The Entrepreneur and the Netbook”, you will have the tools you need to make sure that the netbook you choose is right for you and your business!

And, in case you can’t wait to find out which netbook we chose at the BusinessCast Podcast– have a peek at the Samsung N-110.

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Massive Technology Show

Like many entrepreneurs, Robert and I are avid technology enthusiasts. Listeners will no doubt remember some of the many BusinessCast Podcasts where we’ve dug deeply into the latest and greatest technologies that increase business productivity and efficiencies.

So, we’re thrilled that the Massive Technology Show is coming to Toronto later this week! And, just like we are at many entrepreneur-focused events, we’re official members of the media for this tradeshow and conference.

The Massive Technology Show promises to be entertaining as well as highly informative. But, more importantly, you’ll get a glimpse of technologies that you’ll be using in your business over the next few years. Here’s a great opportunity to get a jump on your competition — whether you’re feeding that “inner technology geek” or not. See you there!

Don’t forget to enter the contest to win a Blackberry Bold! All it takes is 100 words (or less) on why a Blackberry Bold will help your business. Send your note to

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Win a Blackberry Bold — Contest for Entrepreneurs

****Update June 8, 2009:  The “Entrepreneur Be Bold” Contest has a winner: the intrepid entrepreneur “Soccer Girl”. Listen to the brief BusinessCast Podcast episode #109b where we announce the exciting news.****

A few months ago, we were fortunate enough to interview Michael Younder, Senior Product Manager at Research in Motion for two episodes of the BusinessCast — episode 75 where Michael discussed mobile marketing trends and episode 83 where he talked about Blackberry hardware and business applications for entrepreneurs.

Since then, Research in Motion has generously provided us with a Blackberry Bold!

So, we’re running a very simple CONTEST that should appeal to every entrepreneur.

Here are the rules:

1) Tell us in 100 words or less how your business would benefit from a Blackberry Bold smartphone.

2) Send this description/story to us via email to

3) A winner will be chosen based on how compelling their reason for needing a Blackberry Bold smartphone. Winners can also choose to be highlighted in an upcoming episode of the BusinessCast podcast where over 30,000 listeners will hear about your business per month!

4) Finally, the contest is open to any business owner/manager — regardless of industry, geographic region (i.e. Country/State/Province), age, size or revenues.

You should know that we will contact the winner before announcing it on this blog or in the BusinessCast podcast. Furthermore, we will not share your email address with anyone.

Good luck!!

Gadgets That Help the Bottom Line – Part 3 – Resource Round-Up


Listen to BusinessCast #65 – Gadgets That Help the Bottom Line – and you’ll probably conclude that we are in deed geekier than you thought. The good news: we have identified a number of useful sources that will save you time and either bring out, or hone, your passion for gadgets.


Of course, we also outline some issues that you should consider prior to purchasing any business gadget/technology.


The online sources we turn to evaluate technologies – before investing in them – include the following: These include:

Some of the business efficiency gadgets we discussed heatedly in the show – while not always agreeing on their immediate utility, included:

Ultra Mobile PCs such as Asus EEC, Acer Aspire and HP 2133.


Voice Recognition: Dragon Naturally Speaking


Handwriting Gadgets/Software including:, and


Let us know which of these (or other gadgets and/or resources) help your bottom line.


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Gadgets That Help the Bottom Line – Part 2 – Preview

Well we got through our first podcast dedicated specifically to gadgets without out too many cries of extreme gadget-envy.

One thing is for sure: if you are drawn by the allure and promise of gadgets, you do need to apply a particular discipline to make sure that they help you achieve your business goals!


Topics that we covered in podcast #65 – Gadgets That Help the Bottom Line – include:

  • Evaluating the need for gadgets
  • Evaluating the technology/gadgets themselves
  • Evaluating when you should purchase gadgets
  • Evaluating the costs of the gadgets
  • Evaluating the risks of purchasing gadgets

We also identify a slew of useful (and fun) gadget/technology resources that you’ll want to visit frequently and bookmark.


Keep in-mind that the show will be posted tomorrow. But, let us know anytime how you use gadgets to help your business succeed.


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BusinessCast – Blogging for Business – Part 3

Chances are if you’re reading this post, you’re wondering how best to start your own blog for business.

You’ve listned to the BusinesCast show #64 and you’re ready to begin blogging to strengthen your business’ revenues and reputation! That also means that you’ve heard the ravings of Paul and Matt from Next Gen Player ( as well as Robert and me about the benefits and ease of blogging.

Now, you’re itching to get underway….cautiously of course. After all, you’re a business entrepreneur – not a blogging maniac.

So, you start looking around and you soon discover that the amount of stuff on how to blog is truly overwhelming! That’s why Robert and I sifted through dozens and dozens of links, reports, book reviews and articles to find some strong articles to get you off on the right foot!

Find below a handful of essential articles that will you give you plenty of confidence as you step into the blog-o-sphere.

Step 1: Understand the high-level process of pulling together a blog

Here’s a great article describing what’s involved in blogging. Don’t get lost in the detail (or the fact that sometimes this page doesn’t render properly). Just skim it to get an overview of the topics involved in developing a blog:

Step 2: Find blogging software that’s easy to use

Here’s a great one page chart that helps you get a sense for the features of each of the major blogging softwares. Choose one or two of the programs and go to their sites and look at their features and costs:

Step 3: Determine what you’re going to write about and how you’re going to say it

You’ve got something to say! And a blog can be a great channel. But, make sure you follow some well proven rules to make sure that your audience can digest your brillant insights:

Step 4: Promote your blog so that others learn about your wisdom, products and/or services

In online marketing, Seth Godin is considered a pioneer. Here’s one of his articles that outlines some practical tips that can help you promote your blog:

Step 5: Monetize Your Blog

Since your blog is an open forum, why not consider looking for ways it can generate revenue?! Here’s a concise article on 10 ways to monetize your blog:

Then, try this article, which gives far more detail:

Finally, take your time! Get comfortable with these articles. And then, get blogging! When you start your own blog, please do let us know.

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