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Robert and I are always interested to see which BusinessCast podcast topics — and related blog entries — hold most interest for our entrepreneurs. So, we solicit feedback, review our fan email and analyze our listener and readership stats.

Here’s a quick summary of the most popular BusinessCast podcasts and related blog entries from the last few weeks:

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Blog Entries:

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Speed Up Your Sales – Customer Incentives That Deliver

What influences your customers to make that all important purchase decision? The truth is your customers’ purchase behaviours hinge on many different factors — the most common being the “Four C’s“: Cost, Confidence, Competitor offerings and Calendar (i.e. timing).

But, you can have a dramatic impact on the purchase behaviour of many of your prospects and existing customers by providing the right incentive at the right time.

In episode #68 of the BusinessCast – Incentives that Sell  Robert and I provide some practical guidelines for developing and offering incentives that leverage your customers’/prospects’ state-of-mind.

Some of the key lessons from incentive ‘best practices’ include:

  • Begin developing incentives by mapping out your prospects’/customers’ purchase cycle and then matching that with your sales cycle.
  • Define what your incentives are based on. In other words, decide if you are offering incentives based on a particular ‘type’ of customer or on a particular purchase history (e.g. dollars spent, frequency of purchase or recency of purchase).
  • Address at least one of your buyers’/prospects’ key issues/concerns.
  • Make sure you have the support to handle any sudden or drastic increase in purchases that accompany an effective incentive or incentive program. Keep in-mind that also means spikes in the demand for customer service and its associated costs.
  • Track the success of your incentive program.

Listen to BusinessCast podcast episode #68 – Incentives that Sell – and get pushing the right buttons.

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Ensure Your Next Sale: Understand Your Buyer

At one time or an other, every entrepreneur asks him/herself the following question: “What incentive should we use to increase sales?

In the upcoming episode of the BusinessCast podcast (show #68 – Incentives that Sell), Robert and I provide some practical guidelines for developing and offering incentives that leverage your buyers’ state-of-mind.

Some of the issues we cover include:

  • When to use incentives (from the business’ perspective)
  • When to take advantage of incentives (from the buyer’s perspective)
  • The core elements of incentives
  • Issues to work through during incentive planning
  • The risks of offering incentives

BusinessCast podcast episode #68 – Incentives that Sell – will be posted this week. Listen and get inspired!

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