Mobile Marketing – The Ultimate Starter Kit

Mobile Marketing — it’s not only the “next big thing” that every entrepreneur needs to take advantage of to optimize their business, it is the “next big thing” NOW! That’s why in BusinessCast Podcast episode #91 – Mobile Marketing for Entrepreneurs — The Ultimate Starter Kit we interviewed’s Editor-in-Chief, Mickey Alam Khan.

Mickey, who is an intrepid entrepreneur himself, answers the key questions that all entrepreneurs ask themselves when confronting an exciting new marketing channel like mobile marketing:

  • When should I invest in mobile marketing?
  • How do I start in mobile marketing?
  • What are the challenges that I will face?
  • What are the key trends that I need to be aware of?

In Mobile Marketing for Entrepreneurs — The Ultimate Starter Kit we also highlight our Entrepreneurs Be Bold Contest — where you can win a Blackberry Bold (courtesy of Research in Motion).

Finally, here are a handful of resources that, along with Mickey’s insights, can help your mobile marketing efforts be successful:

1) Mobile Marketer — The World’s largest/most popular mobile marketing publication. The site includes real-life case studies and guides to mobile commerce and mobile advertising. At the same time, the online journal provides timely, succinct articles and sector-by-sector insights.

2) An Introduction to Mobile Marketing — This BusinessCast blog post includes key resources to help you quickly become familiar with the key players, common myths and terminology associated with mobile marketing.

3) Common Short-Codes Registries — When you get underway with your mobile marketing, one of your first steps involves registering for a common short code (CSC). Here’s where you need to register these short codes:

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How and When to Mobil-ize Your Business

A few weeks ago we interviewed Michael Younder, senior product marketer at Research in Motion — the home of the ever popular Blackberry. At that time, Michael shared with us valuable insights for entrepreneurs about mobile marketing.

Well, Michael is back. And, this time he’s sharing with us why the Blackberry is such a critical tool for entrepreneurs’ day-to-day success! Listen to Business Cast Podcast #83 Mobil-izing Your Business where we review some exceptional Blackberry business applications for entrepreneurs and Michael talks about the newest Blackberry devices including the Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Flip and the Blackberry Storm.

***Later this month, we’re launching a contest where YOU CAN WIN A BLACKBERRY BOLD! So come back and check out the BusinessCast blog and listen to the BusinessCast podcasts to get details.***

Finally, whether you’re a ‘telephone junkie’ or not, there are several developments that you need to know about this technology in order to build your business. So, here are some useful related resources that you can tap into easily:

Mobile Marketing (an Introduction) – A blog post with a focused selection of useful tools that will help you decide if/how mobile marketing is right for your business.

Research in Motion – Interview #1 – Our first podcast interview with Research in Motion’s senior product marketer, Michael Younder.

Cold Call Warm-Up – A podcast designed to help entrepreneur get the most out of their cold calls – who ever is at the other end of the phone.

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Gadgets That Help the Bottom Line – Part 3 – Resource Round-Up


Listen to BusinessCast #65 – Gadgets That Help the Bottom Line – and you’ll probably conclude that we are in deed geekier than you thought. The good news: we have identified a number of useful sources that will save you time and either bring out, or hone, your passion for gadgets.


Of course, we also outline some issues that you should consider prior to purchasing any business gadget/technology.


The online sources we turn to evaluate technologies – before investing in them – include the following: These include:

Some of the business efficiency gadgets we discussed heatedly in the show – while not always agreeing on their immediate utility, included:

Ultra Mobile PCs such as Asus EEC, Acer Aspire and HP 2133.


Voice Recognition: Dragon Naturally Speaking


Handwriting Gadgets/Software including:, and


Let us know which of these (or other gadgets and/or resources) help your bottom line.


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Gadgets That Help the Bottom Line – Part 1 – Heads-Up!

It was inevitable…in other words, it wasn’t just the release of the iPhone 3G and all the talk of the Blackberry Storm…when you have two gadget-centric-geeks like Robert and me, that we would eventually do a BusinessCast podcast about popular gadgets for entrepreneurs.

But, unlike other gadget discussions – on the web, on television, in print, etc. – that are determined to sell you gadgets regardless of whether they’re right for you, we have a much more relevant goal: clear-cutting through the tech-gadget jungle so that you use the technologies and devices that help you achieve your business goals.


Show #65 – Gadgets That Help the Bottom Line will be posted this weekend. Listen to it before your next business gadget purchase.


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