Success: NextGen Player Wins the Battle!

In BusinessCast podcast episode #64 – Blogging For Business, we met intrepid entrepreneurs Paul Hunter and Matthew Vernhout of NextGen Player ( In fact, they were so enthusiastic about blogging that they inspired Robert and me to begin the BusinessCast blog!

Well, I am very excited to report that NextGen Player is now an undisputable and truly exceptional success story. In just over three months, their online business — blogging about the Canadian gaming industry – has skyrocketed beyond all original expectations.

“What kind of success have they achieve in just a few short months?”, you ask. Well, here are just a handful of their accomplishments to-date that prove their efforts to build a strong and loyal following within a very niche market have been a resounding success. Specifically, they have been:

These committed and astute gaming enthusiasts have achieved such unprecedented success for several key reasons. But, as Matthew and Paul see it, the key reasons include:

  • Staying focused on one topic only (i.e. the Canadian gaming industry) rather than being lured into biting off more topics (e.g. U.S. gaming industry).
  • Leveraging sites that speak to a very specific audience. For most entrepeneurs, the equivalent is networking with those who have established credibility with target audiences.
  • Generating “buzz”. Choose a topic that gets people talking – and, remember that it’s okay to be controversial – as long as you do it responsibly (i.e. being as even-handed as possible).
  • Bringing a passion for the business – in the case of Matt and Paul, they truly love gaming and are committed to contributing their unique value to the industry!

Listen to episode #64 – Blogging For Business to hear Paul and Matthew’s (now proven) approach to business and to blogging. Their’s are lessons applicable to every entrepreneur.