Networking for Entrepreneurs – Resource Round-up

Robert and I are always being asked by entrepreneurs for tips and tools about networking. It’s not that there aren’t a vast array of worthwhile networking resources available online and offline. But, given hectic schedules, entrepreneurs want to find and tap into those tools that will help achieve a wide range of networking goals quickly and cost-effectively.

So, over the last few months, we’ve reviewed a number of critical networking resources. For example, in BusinessCast #92 we reviewed Liz Lynch’s practical and powerful handbook entitled, Networking for Entrepreneurs. Then in BusinessCast Podcast #105, Liz, Robert and I ran through three of the most common networking scenarios faced by all entrepreneurs.

We also tackled the growing topic of online networking by focusing on LinkedIn. In BusinessCast Podcast #104, Doyle Slayton shared tips on how he uses this online community to forward his networking agenda. While we’ll be building on this topic in future BusinessCast Podcast episodes this interview, along with the associated blog post, is an easy and practical introduction to LinkedIn.

It’s with this imperative on practical tips and speed that we bring in one of Canada’s most prominent and successful “connectors” — Donna Messer. That’s why in BusinessCast Podcast #108, Essential Networking Rules, we have Donna rifle through 15 of the most important networking tips in under 10 minutes!!

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Leveraging LinkedIn – Online Networking for Entrepreneurs

More and more entrepreneurs are jumping on LinkedIn — which is one of the most popular online/social networking tools. But, to what end? So, Robert and I dig into this question.

In BusinessCast #104 – Getting Linked In, we speak with Doyle Slayton who has done a terrific job at using LinkedIn to build his professional profile. Doyle shares some of his experiences of how he’s used the LinkedIn to successfully build the “SalesBlogcast Group” to be one of the largest, fastest growing, most focused and user-friendly resources on LinkedIn.

Whether you’re new to LinkedIn or are an experienced user, here are some useful LinkedIn- related resources:

1) Why Use LinkedIn – This often quoted Guy Kawasaki article is ususally mislabelled “How to use LinkedIn” but really answers the question “why this tool can be useful”. So, while it doesn’t give you any hands-on insights, it still is worthwhile reviewing to determine whether LinkedIn is right for you. For those entrepreneurs who want some more background, here’s a source that prides itself on being the “unofficial source for all things LinkedIn“.

2) Who is on LinkedIn anyway? Here’s a PowerPoint presentation that gives an overview of the demographics of LinkedIn users.

3) Thinking about using LinkedIn to build your business and business network? You’re not alone. While there are thousands of articles that chip away at how to answer this question, here’s one that provides some good hands-on advice.

After listening to Doyle’s passion in BusinessCast #104 – Getting Linked In, you’ll likely want to check out and sign-up to his thriving SalesBlogcast Group or his SalesBlogcast blog.

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Newsflash: Relevent Social Media News and Resources for Entrepreneurs

Yesterday, we took a look at ‘social media’ sites from 30,000 feet. The intention was to give entrepreneurs a bit of a ‘heads-up’ that Robert and I intend to tackle some of the better known of these sites/businesses over the next few months – in upcoming BusinessCast podcasts and in this blog. 

Well, wouldn’t you know it?! Sure enough, a whole bunch of ‘social media’ news hit the Internet over the last 24 hours. So, below find a quick round-up of some of the most interesting social media-related news stories that have found their way in to the general media over the last few days.  I’ve also included three links that along with yesterday’s post  provide a nice introduction to social media.

Headline News

Chances are you and/or one of your colleagues has signed up to LinkedIn – a service that connects people around the ‘six degrees of separation‘ premise (i.e. you are probably somehow connected to someone that someone else wants to connect with). Having been a round for a few years, LinkedIn has made some significant in-roads with people from across industries and at all organizational levels. It turns out that the potential of matching news to connected professionals has not escaped one of the more traditional media the New York TimesNew York Times and LinkedIn Enter Partnership

Digg. A very cool idea. Imagine you’re surfing the web and you find a site or story that you’re genuinely interested in. How exciting would it be to be able to ‘flag it’ so that other people could see it and get excited about it too? Now, imagine that functionality promoting your product, service, newsflash or cause. There’s the potential power of Digg. The potential is so vast in fact that Google almost invested $200 million dollars to purchase Digg. But, according to a recent article, Digg – a ‘poster child’ for social media may be less social than most everyone thought: Digg – One Third of the Most Successful Social Media Site is Actually Dictated by Only 10 People.


A Great Video (under 4 minutes) That Explains Social Media – Simply and Succinctly

A Brief Written Overview/History of Social Media

A Great Introduction to Popular (and Niche) Social Media Businesses/Websites

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