Brochure vs. Website – Making the Right Choice

At several times during the growth of your business, you’re going to be confronted with this question: “How do we best spend our marketing dollars – should we launch/update our website OR our brochure?” 

In BusinessCast Podcast show #56 Brochure vs. Web Site – Robert and I tackle this question so that you can act with confidence when you are confronted with this choice – whether its the first time or the fiftieth time.  

We cover the ‘pros and cons’ of both brochures and web sites – evaluating each in the areas of: image, features, distribution, feedback and generating revenue. 

Make sure that you listen to show #56 before you make that next investment in online/offline marketing collateral – whether your materials are focused on launching a new product/service or building your brand.

Finally, keep in-mind that there are some useful guidelines that you should always apply regardless of whether you choose to spend your time and resources on a brochure or a website. These guidelines include the following:

  • Target a specific audience (i.e. your choice of content, wording, design, layout).
  • Involve your audience in the process of developing your marketing collateral. It will save you time/money, it often reveals new opportunities and strengthens bonds with your audience.
  • Design for a specific purpose (e.g. If you’re looking for your collateral to assist in shortening your ‘sales cycle’ make sure that it provides the right information based on what is required at one particular stage.)
  • When you’re planning out your costs, make sure you budget for content, layout, design, photos, proof-reading, storage and distribution.

Show #56 Brochure vs. Web Site is our first “smackdown” episode where we dig into two tools that compete for your hard-working marketing dollar. In a few weeks, we’ll be pitting two other rivals for your marketing resources against each other: The Newsletter vs. The Blog. You’ll be surprised about who comes out on top – and why!

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