Re-Wind: The Recession Sessions

When Robert and I began our successful Podcast partnership, we promised ourselves, and you our listeners, that we would provide practical advice for entrepreneurs — recognizing that this often meant tackling unpopular, contentious or difficult subjects.

That’s why, 10 months ago, long before the current upheaval in the financial markets, Robert and I started dealing head-on with the recession. Our position was painfully practical: Entrepreneurs can emerge from the economic downturn only by acknowledging, addressing and planning for a recession rather than hoping it will never happen.

So, here we are ten months later and we’re in a global recession. If you haven’t yet heard them, give a listen to some of the BusinessCast episodes that were designed specifically to help you, the entrepreneur, successfully navigate through the recession storm – no matter how fierce it turns out to be:

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#43  The Recession Session Part 2 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

#44  How To Achieve Business Success – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

#45  OMG Wow Client Service – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

#46  Firing A Client Before You Get Burned – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

#49  Steal Your Next Customer! – with Gold ‘n’ Brown – and Guest Alex Allan of Alex Allan Integrated (

Trade Your Business – Part 1


Throughout many of our BusinessCast podcasts, Robert and I provide practical advice and innovative solutions to help entrepreneurs grow their business – even though we’re going into a recession.


We focus a lot of time on the revenue side. In Trade Your Business (show # 60) we review the expense side – by exploring barter networks.

  • Why should you participate in bartering?
  • When should you barter?
  • What types of bartering are there?
  • What are the risks involved?
  • How can you reduce the risks?
  • Is bartering right for you? Is it really worth it?
  • What do you need to do to make sure your bartering works well?

We touch on all of these topics from the perspective of small and medium-sized business owners/managers – just like you.


Trading your business successfully requires a unique type of discipline. Make sure you listen to this show before you jump in with both feet.


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