Hockey Is a Business: Now’s the Time to Score Big!

Have you ever wondered if the issues you face on a daily basis as an entrepreneur apply to other types of organizations? Well, the fact is they do!

And, nowhere is that more evident in the compelling stories told by our entertaining guest, Ron Bremner – former President & CEO of the NHL’s Calgary Flames hockey team and the Saddledome.

Listen to the BusinessCast Podcast episode #71 – Hockey Lessons for Business – and you’ll get some down-to-earth advice from Ron, Robert and myself on addressing some of your most critical issues. Many of the lessons Ron surfaces are items that we’ve explored in some of our previous podcast episodes, including:

BusinessCast Podcast # 55 – Feedback – Or Is It Just Noise? with Gold ‘n’ Brown – where Robert and I provide an overview of how/when to collect customer insights that can increase your success; and

BusinessCast Podcast #46 – Wow Client Service’ with Gold ‘n’ Brown – where Robert and I discuss how to “Wow” you client with customer service that really has an impact!

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Hockey is a Business: Lessons that Score Entrepreneurs’ Goals

Calling all sports fans. Calling all hockey fans. Calling all entrepreneurs.

This weekend, Robert and I have a very special BusinessCast podcast guest: the former President and CEO of the Calgary Flames and the Saddledome, Ron Bremner.

Ron is a gifted and compelling storyteller as well as an accomplished businessman who took on a monumental challenge a few years ago. Specifically, he was charged with: turning around a hockey organization that faced financial ruin, dwindling sales, competing visions, and extremely high expectations. But, Ron was up for the task!

Ron shares the glory and the dirt through his down-to-earth and entertaining stories. He also highlights many valuable lessons and practical insights that any entrepreneur can learn from, about how to:

  • Deal with multiple and conflicting stakeholders
  • Manage and lead highly-skilled/highly sought-after employees
  • Manage the media during difficult times
  • Close ‘big deals’

We were so wrapped up in Ron’s stories that we ended up recording two podcast episodes with him!

If you’re any kind of sports fan, hockey fan or entrepreneur, listen to these episodes – and you’ll find lessons that will help you to score your goals!

 The first episode will be posted on in the BusinessCast archives page on August 24th, 2008.

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