Talkin’ ‘Bout Whose Generation?

Entrepreneurs know: To be succesful – i.e. functional and adaptive –┬áleaders need to employ and inspire the insights and skills of people of various ages. At the same time, entrepreneurs know that while mixing people of different generations sparks creativity it also gives rise to some very real challenges.

We pick up this topic in our second interview with business coach Robin Kennedy in BusinessCast Podcast #80 – Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation.

Of course, business owners can lead and manage the mix of generations by better understanding how generations view their at-work and out-of-work lives. And three key resources that can help you successfully build upon your understanding include the following:

1. A Boomer’s Guide to Communication with Gen X and Gen Y. This Business Week article summarizes how these two generations approach items including: technology, compensation, collaboration, workplace gossip, attire, socializing and corporate loyalty.

2. If your business requires the energies of those who are currently graduating, review the recent Globe and Mail article, The Class of 2012: Mr. Google’s Children.

3. Finally, regardless of how broad the age range of people working at your company is, you can get a solid foundation on managing different generations by reviewing the American Management Association’s highly readable, “Generations at Work“. This has become a seminal piece that clearly and concisely explains the core values, assumptions and expectations of each of the current/evolving generations. To get you inspired, read Robert and my book review. Then, visit the authors’ site which provide some additional resources.

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