Business Trends – Part One

Successful entrepreneurs are always harnessing the latest technologies and processes to ensure that their business is as focused and efficient as possible. This requires entrepreneurs to constantly be on the lookout for broad trends (e.g. political, social, demographic) as well as industry-specific trends (e.g. market receptivity, competitors, access to resources and required skills).

So, in BusinessCast podcast episode 115 — Business Trends — Part One — we take up the discussion of the importance of trends with Sacha Ghai. Sacha is a Partner at McKinsey & Co — which is one of the world’s leaders in helping companies develop/improve their strategies, technology and operations.

In future episodes, Robert and I will also drill down with other experts on the trends that will have the greatest on entrepreneurs and their success.

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Piercing the Business Fog for Entrepreneurs

Wow!! Have you ever wanted to learn key insights from the senior level of the most respected and successful brands in the World? Well here’s you chance!

This week on the BusinessCast Podcast we have an exceptional guest — Bruce Hunter — a seasoned business leader and manager. In fact, Bruce has been a senior executive at several Fortune 500 companies and completed strategic deals for these companies valued at billions of dollars!  On BusinessCast episode #87 – Coming in from the Fog, Bruce shares some valuable lessons from his new book that are applicable to all businesses — regardless of size, geographic location, age, industry or vision!

After listening to the show, check out Bruce’s book, Fog Lights, Piercing the Fog of Everyday Business which is available at:

You can also read a sample about *pricing* from the book at Bruce’s own website. Enjoy!

Finally, it turns out that several of the themes that Bruce highlights in this show, we’ve covered in detail during previous BusinessCast Podcasts. For those of you who want to dig a bit deeper, here are a few episodes well worth re-visiting:

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